Welcome To Nickcraft

Welcome to Nickcraft. We have been in need of a server wiki so that our players can know more about it.

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Games We Have Servers On

  • Minecraft Version 1.4.7
  • Terraria Latest Build

Whats The IP?

(it may change once in a while, but we'll keep you updated)

When Editing

Please don't spam, or swear when editing. You can add pictures and video as long as it isn't of anything besides terraria or minecraft.


Whats this wiki for?

Info about our server and the plugins. How to gain ranks, plus our offcial site.

How do i become a Admin or Mod?

First off you can't become a mod, we don't have mods. But you can become a Admin by playing on Nickcraft for a while, but you need to be helpful not just a random user. We will tell you when you can be a Admin, of course you don't have to be one.

If you have anymore questions, e-mail an admin at {}


Plugins: IConomy, WorldEdit, BadWords, AutoSave, and a few more.

Admins: Nickcejka, Player, fight4ever32, catfish7, and smontero

Our semi-official site is Here


   #    name   award    description         commands

  1. Recruit - $0 - Where you start out/basic commands
  2. Citizen - $500 - Part of the town/some commands
  3. Builder - $1,000 Made some things/some commands
  4.  King - $4,000 - Ruler of fraction or town/lots of commands
  5. Admin - $9,500 - Overview of city and made many things/lots of commands
  6. Officer - $11,00 - In charge of the population/alot of commands
  7. Assistant Chief - $12,000 - Assistant of the Chief/alot of commands
  8. Chief - $13,500 - Head of the office/loads of commands
  9. Co-General - $15,500 - The General's assistant/loads of commands
  10. General - $18,000 - The overseer of the Office/tons of commands
  11. Chief Owner - $24,500 - Chief of the owner/tons of commands
  12. Master Owner - $28,000 - The mastermind of the owner/tons and tons of commands
  13. Semi-Owner - $30,000 - The owner's personal assistant/tons of commands
  14. Owner - $55,000 - The top of the food chain/all commands and settings

Thanks NickTheStick248 (talk) 21:40, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

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